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Athlete Story: David Harter

Every athlete has a story and we love to share them with you. This week we are excited to share Dave’s story with you: My Triathlon story, In 2009, my lovely wife told me she wanted to join this group the “Kitsap TriBabes”. It’s a group of women that train for the Danskin Women’s Triathlon […] [more]

It happens to the best of us. We start out a new sport and are trying to gather as much information as possible because if you are going to compete then you want to be good right? So you hop on over to the forum and ask some questions and read others questions and the […] [more]

We are excited to announce a giveaway and an opportunity to help a great local oragnization for the LaCamas RainMan Indoor Triathlon. We will be partnering with Share Vancouver to provide food and backpack supplies to those in need. In return we have some really great items to giveaway for athletes and volunteers who participate. […] [more]

Expansion of TOUGHMAN Tri on

As you may have seen, TriFreaks has partnered with TOUGHMAN to bring you the Washington TOUGHMAN Triathlon. This was formerly the Ocean Shores Half Iron Triathlon. We are very excited to be a part of TOUGHMAN and give 150 triathletes the opportunity to win an entry for a new championship event. You can learn more […] [more]

Many things can go wrong when setting goals. It is important that the goal setting accomplishes one main goal: Motivation. We don’t set goals to tear us down and rip us apart with our inability to meet them. We set goals to give us focus and determination and accomplishment. There are a number of factors […] [more]

The TriFREAKS Experience

  • Freaky Swag for Freaky Races!
  • A Fun & FREAKY Experience!
  • Nobody Gets Left Behind! What cut off times? ;-) **
  • Medals That Look AND Weigh Like you Accomplished Something BECAUSE YOU DID!
  • Integrity! An Experience! It’s About All of Us! Focus On Always Doing Better!

** We can only do this where the forces to be (the permitting agencies) don’t have hard limits on when folks need to be done.  Our Ocean Shores Tri & Foot Fest is a great example of where we can make this happen.  We will do our best to accommodate everyone.  However please understand that it is a matter of resources, safety, and available volunteers to accomplish this.  Bottom line is, when we can, we will!

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