TriFREAKS Swag Policy

Folks, first off we’d like to thank you for participating in our events. We do really appreciate your patronage! We work hard to put on these events for you and while it doesn’t always go perfect, we will continue to do our best to improve and build on our events.

Important Swag Info
Important: Participants registering less than 30 days before an event are required to pick up their swag ( T-Shirts, etc… ) at the finish line of the event once they are done versus picking them up at Packet Pickup.  In the event we run out of swag for late registrants, we will place orders for more to make sure everyone gets their swag.  However, since we are required to often ship this swag to folks it creates an additional burden of work and cost for us.  As a result we will charge $5 shipping and handling for anyone we need to send their swag to that registered less than 30 days prior to an event.  We apologize for the inconvenience, however in order to continue to provide quality events and encourage folks to sign up earlier, this is a measure we have to take.  Thank you for your understanding.

 A bit more background on why we have to do this…

Orders for swag are generally placed at least 30 days prior to an event.  While we make a best effort to anticipate additional numbers required for late registrants, we cannot accurately predict how many people will sign up late.  Not only that but ordering too much swag consistently to ensure that those that sign up late have their swag results in an increase in registration prices.  Swag often is dated material that can not be used once the event is over.  So having to guess how many more we need is ineffective and creates additional cost for us as well as inaccurate sizes for late registrants.

We are continuously looking for ways to not only improve your experience but also create processes that allow us to maximize how we spend our time at the office.  The by far largest challenge for us is making sure those folks that sign up late get the same experience as those that signed up 30 days or more before an event. Often those that sign up less than 30 days out fully expect the same experience as those that signed up way in advance. While we’d love to take care of all of you that signed up late ( Our Race Director likes to sign up late for events that he does as well ;-D ), however it’s just not always possible. This is specifically evident when it comes to how we order medals, swag, and other items that you all love to receive.  We want to spend time creating better and more events for you!  Having to manage ordering, handling and shipping out swag for those that sign up late creates a lot of additional work for our small team.  This is time we would much rather spend focusing on the quality of our events.

Now there are times when frankly we’ve made mistakes.  Like the time when the shirts got shipped to the wrong location.  Rest assured when the responsibility is ours we’ll own it fully and take care of everyone.  You all train hard and commit your hard earned finances to participate in our events, so we want you to have your swag. Please sign up early so we can give you the best experience.  If you are worried about signing up and then not being able to participate, please note our Refund and Rollover Policy which may give you a bit more confidence.


The TriFREAKS Inc. Team