TriFREAKS Award Policy

Folks, first off we’d like to thank you for participating in our events.  We do really appreciate your patronage!  We work hard to put on these events for you and while it doesn’t always go perfect, we will continue to do our best to improve and build on our events.  You all work hard to place overall or in your age groups for awards, so we want you to have them.  However it creates a lot of overhead for our small team of three to mail out and follow up on awards that were not collected after an event.  Given the number of events we have, it is not always possible to follow up and mail out any left awards in a timely manner.

It is therefore our policy that if you aren’t there to collect your award at the award ceremony, then you give up your privilege to receive your award.  While we don’t like this policy necessarily, we have to enforce it for the sake of those that do stick around as well as for the sake of focusing on the quality of our events for all our participants.

Let me reiterate what we just said:  If you are not at the awards ceremony, you give up your right to your award!


The TriFREAKS Inc. Team