Discount Code / Coupon Stacking Policy

TriFREAKS, Inc. will, from time to time provide discounts to athletes.  Our goal as a company is to further endurance sports, and as such we provide these discounts with pleasure.  If you have a discount code / coupon, please contact us at for questions.

NOTE: If you have somehow acquired multiple discounts codes valid for the same race, we cannot, unless expressly specified as part of the discount / coupon code, stack coupons (ie. add them together).  We will honor the higher discount code as long as the person requesting the discount code qualifies for the code.  Qualification is sometimes based on membership to a triathlon club or other association, and verification of membership to these types of club(s) and association(s) may be requested.

We appreciate your understanding in this, and as always do not intend to profit from these types of policies.


The TriFREAKS Inc. Team