TriFreaks Kirkland Triathlon Food, Awards & Swag

Post Race Food:

Peanut butter, bananas/fruit, bread and/or bagels, and more.

Awards & Swag:

All athletes receive a finishers medal. Awards will be announced according to the weekend schedule on the “Event Details” tab.  We realize that the faster athletes may need to wait a bit for the awards ceremony.  In fairness to everyone, and to promote sportsmanlike conduct, please get comfortable, stick around, and cheer those on that may not be as fast as you are.  They are working just as hard, and in some cases much harder to get to the finish line and deserve to be cheered as much as everyone else.

Awards will be given for the following placements:

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall male & female for Sprint Triathlon.
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall male & female for Sprint Aquabike & Dathlon.
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd male & female age group Sprint Triathlon winners receive award plaques.*
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall relay teams.

*Note: Age groups will be in increments of 10. Under 19, 20 to 29, 30 to 39, etc… up to 69, and then one group for 70 and over.  Aquabike and Duathlon age groups do not receive age group awards.  They do receive overall awards for 1st through 3rd place.  At this time there are not enough participants in these categories, and every single person would receive an award, which kind of defeats the purpose of having awards.  If this changes we will provide age group awards for these categories as well.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter.  If we didn’t have to pay the bills our preference would be to give everyone awards!  You guys all work hard.  Unfortunately there is this thing called reality…

*Please note that due to the limited number of participants in the clydesdale and athena groups we are not able to provide separate awards for these divisions. They will still receive their USAT rankings as such, however will be grouped into the regular awards for the awards ceremony. We appreciate your understanding, and assure you that we will watch and make sure to change this policy as the participation in these categories grows.

Finally, please note that Try a Tri participants do not get awards.  You will receive all Swag and Finishers Medals, however the point of doing a Try a Tri is to try things out, not to compete against each other.  In light of promoting a less competitive environment, we do not give participants in the Try a Tri awards.  We hope you understand our decision and appreciate the less competitive environment this division offers.

Event Swag:

In an effort to give those that do not want a shirt the choice for a lower price this year, we are offering those that want a shirt to pay for a T-Shirt.  Those that purchase a shirt prior to the deadline of two weeks before the event will receive one.  Those that do not purchase one or miss the deadline to register in time to have the option to purchase one will NOT receive a shirt.  If you want a shirt make sure you register in time!   You’ll receive your finishers medal when you hand in your timing chip at the finishers line.