TriFreaks Kirkland Triathlon Athletes Instructions

Dear Participants,

Thank you for joining us for the TriFreaks Kirkland Triathlon.  We are very excited about the opportunity to carry on the tradition of holding the annual triathlon in the City of Kirkland.  We are less than a week out now, so wanted to make sure we touch bases with you.  We look forward to having all of you out to the race and making it the best experience we can make it for you.  We are excited for all of you to do well!

Volunteer with us!   If you have a friend, family member, significant other or spouse that could  help out at the event we would always appreciate it. We offer some great perks for our volunteers including discounted registration on future races and free food. Visit the volunteering webpage or send an email to for opportunities or to let us know you’d like to volunteer.  Thank you in advance for your help!

Following are Important Things To Note for the Race:

The Kirkland Triathlon Weekend Schedule:  Take some time to review the information and weekend schedule at:  Most important details for before the race can be found under the “Event Details” and “Course Details” tab.

Packet Pickup / Check In Location & Offline Registration Information:  Packet Pickup, Offline Registration and Check In will be held at Everyday Athlete on Saturday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  All athletes will receive 15% off their in store purchases on regularly priced items.  Note that these purchases are not eligible for Everyday Athletes customer rewards program.  We encourage you to pick up your packets on Saturday versus at the race to help us focus on race production the day of the race.  For those of you that can’t make it, there will be day of packet pickup from 5:00 AM to 6:30 AM at Juanita Beach Park.  Please visit the event page for address information and other details.  All information can be found under the various tabs at:

Course Routes:  All course routes are available on our website under the “Course Details” tab at:  Make sure you review them!  The course will be well marked, however it is your responsibility to know the course as well.  When in doubt, follow the signs.  Our volunteers are there to help keep you safe, not provide instructions on where to go.  If you ask them where to go and they point you in the wrong direction is it not their fault or ours.  Often these volunteers make themselves available shortly before the race and they may or may not know the course.

Water Temperatures & Wetsuits:  As of last readings the water temperatures were in the high 60’s and wetsuits are not required.  However, we always recommend wearing one as they provide additional buoyancy and therefore additional safety.  If you are new to triathlons, or are not a good swimmer, please wear a wetsuit!  If you are a seasoned triathlete you already know the benefits of wearing one.

Race Day Parking Information:  Please note parking instructions for race day!  TriFreaks is not responsible for your vehicles should they be towed. And if they block the race they WILL BE TOWED!  Plan ahead, park smart and leave yourself enough time take care of everything you need to take care of the morning of the race.  There will be NO PARKING INSIDE Juanita Beach Park.  Parking will be available across the street, just north of NE Juanita Dr on the grass fields.  There are also many Parking spots on the local roads outside the park.  As of this time there is no drop off area before the event, however we are considering making the round about accessible the morning of the race for folks to be dropped off with their bikes.  Parking here, even for a couple of minutes will not be an option.  Violators will be ticketed!  We’re not trying to be difficult.  On the contrary, we’re trying to make sure everyone can have a good experience, so this is enforced to keep things moving for everyone.

Swag for Late Registrations:  We make every effort to make sure everyone gets their finishers medal, swag, and any other items we have to pre-order.  Given the nature of late signs ups what we order is often a guesstimate.  Excess orders, wasted medals and other expenses are avoided to avoid increased event prices.  As such we sometimes run out of shirts and finishers medals before everyone gets theirs.  To honor those that sign up early we give them their swag first.  If you signed up late you will need to wait until after you finish to pick up your shirt.  Since we can’t really hand out the finishers medals before the event, and there is no way of giving them out, should we need to we will place another order and make them available once we have them at Everyday Athlete.  If we need to order more shirts these will also be available at Everyday Athlete once we receive them.  Thank you for your understanding and rest assured that we will make sure you are taken care of.

Read The Race Information:  Please take the time to visit the site and educate yourself about the course and all the other details.  It’s your race, know it!  We put the information there so you can review it and have a good race.  While we will have plenty of signs on the course, it is ultimately still your responsibility to know the course.  And the volunteers are not there to tell you where to go.  They have been instructed to tell you to follow the signs and markings.  For their sake and your sake!

We look forward to seeing you at the Kirkland Triathlon!

Get Your TriFreak On!

Stefan Newbury
Race Director TriFreaks
& The TriFreaks Inc. Team