The “Dreadmill”

We have all run on the dreaded treadmill based upon a host of different reasons.   The treadmill has benefits when traveling, bad weather, etc. or to get a quick run after a long business trip and getting to the hotel late in the evening.  To reduce jet-lag time to head to the fitness room at the hotel.   I think that the approach to the treadmill must have some structure to the workout.

The treadmill is easier than running on the roads and trails and there is a tendency to just jump on and run at a steady and easy pace.   How many times have you been in a hotel and everyone running on the treadmills is either walking or jogging slowly.   I am a bit biased as the treadmill takes away the feeling of “real” running and being outside in the environment.    However the treadmill can be a useful tool if the workouts are structured with a specific objective.

Treadmill combo workout – total time approximately 60 minutes:

10 minute warm up then perform the following workout:

  • 5 minutes at a climbing with the elevation level to a 5
  • Jump off the treadmill and complete 50 Hindu Squats (for a demo,
  • 7 minutes at a low level elevation and high speed that will get the Heart Rate to the 85% range (fast turnover is important)
  • 4 minutes climbing with the elevation level 7
  • Jump off the treadmill and complete 4 sets of 10 pushups and then
  • 75 Hindu Squats
  • 10 minutes strong but under control – target Heart Rate range of 75-80%
  • Jump off the treadmill and finish with a strong 100 Hindu Squats
  • 5 minutes at the highest elevation level and it will be tough but mentally push through it
  • Warm down 10 minutes easy

This workout will provide mental strength, hills, strength training with the Hindu Squats and keep the “Dreadmill” not as boring.    Try it out at home, club or hotel if you can’t get outside to run.

By Wayne Kurtz

Wayne Kurtz is founder of and Endurance Racing Report,  he has a lifelong passion for racing in various endurance sport races throughout the world. He is also the author of: ‘Beyond the Iron, a training guide for ultra-distance triathlons.’