TriFREAKS Results Protocol

Results Protocol:  In an effort to better serve you the racer–and to bring clarity to results and when they are “final” – we are posting the following TriFREAKS Results Protocol.  Please note that we live in a world with exceptions, and that we take your comments seriously.  That said, here’s the TriFREAKS Results Protocol:

  • Results will be posted after each race on-site, & will be open to review with scoring officials.
  • We will do our best to post results on within 24 hours of the event!
  • Once results are posted on our website, we will grant 24 hours for review
  • All categories which receive no protests after 24 hours will be considered final.
  • Disputed result categories will be reviewed and then finalized by our results team.
  • Corrected results will be re-posted; the length of time to re-post will vary.
  • All result inquiries should be emailed to