RainMan Series Results

RainMan Indoor Triathlon Series Results:

Instructions on how race results are calculated:

The RainMan Indoor Triathlon Series typically includes a 10 to 15 minute timed swim, 30 minute bike, and a distance based run. (See each event below for details on actual distances & times).  The goal for both the swim and bike legs is to cover as much distance in the time provided as possible. The goal for the run is to run the distance required in the shortest time possible.

Due to the limitations of the number of participants that can swim at any given time in a pool, we feel that this allows us to provide the best experience possible. Note that in a typical sprint triathlon the swim is 800 yards, the bike is 13.0 miles, and the run would be 3.1 miles.  To convert both the swim and bike distances to time results versus distance results, we calculate each participants average miles per hour for the swim and bike and then determine how long it would have taken each athlete to cover an 800 yard swim and a 13.0 mile bike. These times are then added to the athletes run time to determine the total time results for each athlete and to be able to rank each athlete accordingly.

Please note that placements are based on the projected time it would have taken you to finish a real outdoor sprint triathlon. In many cases folks swim more than 800 yards, so their swim time gets adjusted down for example. I have inlcuded columns for both projected time, and the 45 minutes plus your run time in the results.

If you have questions regarding this method, please do not hesitate to write us using the “Contact Us” form on our website.

2015 RainMan Indoor Triathlon Series Results:
2014 RainMan Indoor Triathlon Series Results:
2013 RainMan Indoor Triathlon Series Results:

2012 RainMan Indoor Triathlon Series Results:

2011 Prior Seattle RainMan Indoor Triathlon Results:
  • Results for the Seattle RainMan Indoor Triathlon prior to 2012 can be found here.

Thank you for participating in the RainMan Indoor Triathlon Series!

Your TriFREAKS Team.