RainMan Haselwood YMCA Night Indoor Triathlon Bike Support

TriFreaks is delighted to announce that Sammamish Valley Cycle is providing bike support for the RainMan Indoor Triathlon YMCA Haselwood.  In their own words:

Ever since its founding in 1981, Sammamish Valley Cycle has been about a passion for the sport of cycling. Over the years, we’ve evolved into one of the Pacific Northwest’s best bike shops, with extensive experience and expertise in road, mountain, triathlon, track and randonneuring. All owners and employees are avid cyclists and we take your cycling seriously.

Although we have a reputation for being one of the premier road and triathlon shops, we still endeavor to excel in all aspects of cycling to help you find the right hybrid, mountain, or children’s bike, explain the latest in generator lighting systems, and help with the myriad of clothing and accessories you might need.

Through the years of working with the Seattle International Randonneurs (SIR), Team in Training, various local racing teams and our loyal customers, we’re driven to offer you the best bicycles, accessories, service and advice to make your cycling experience the best it can be. We only offer products that we use and endorse, and will always strive to give you our best in service or sales. We’re about quality and that goes for both our product offerings as well as our personal interactions. Cycling is fun and we want to share our enthusiasm with you.