RainMan FAQ

Packet Pickup Questions:

  1. Am I required to pick up my packet the day before?  It is strongly recommended that you pick it up the day before the race, to avoid any issues on race day. This will also give you a chance to ask any last minute questions you may have that aren’t answered here
  2. Can I pick up a packet for my friend/family member?  No.  We require that each registered racer must pick up the packet themselves. If they absolutely can’t make it, they are welcome to pick up the packet on race day.
  3. What do I need to bring to Packet Pickup?  You will need a valid ID card.
  4. Can I bring my food donation to packet pickup?  Absolutely! We will be giving out raffle tickets for each item, so make sure you have somewhere safe to store the tickets until race day.

Swim Portion Questions:

  1. How long is one lap?  One lap is down to the end of the lane and back.
  2. Are you only counting whole laps?  Yes, only whole laps will be counted.
  3. Will I have time to do a few warm up laps before the swim?  There will be a 5 minute gap before each wave starts, so feel free to do a lap or two in that time, but everyone needs to be on the wall at the start time.
  4. If the clock says 14:20, and I know I can’t complete another lap in the allotted time, am I allowed to get out of the pool and start my transition?  No, for fairness to the other racers, everyone must exit the pool at the same time (the 15 min mark)
  5. Do I have to keep track of all my laps myself?  We will have volunteers who will be in charge of counting laps, but it is recommended that you also keep track of your laps to know where you are at

Transition Questions:

  1. Will there be an allotted transition time between the swim and bike portion?  No, your T1 transition time is rolled into your 30 min bike time, so the faster you transition to the bike, the faster your overall score will be.
  2. Will I have some where to change out of my suit?  Just like in an outdoor triathlon, many racers stay in their suit throughout the whole race. If you choose to change out of your suit, you are welcome to do so in the locker rooms, just realize that your bike time starts as soon as you exit the pool, and the longer you take to get on the bike, the less far you will travel in the time period.
  3. Where do I put my swim stuff/run stuff?  You will have a chair next to your bike that will be for holding your race bag/transitional item.

Bike Questions

  1. Where do I put my bike before the bike portion?  There will be a bike staging area as you enter the pool.
  2. Am I responsible for getting my bike to the trainer?  No, we will have qualified volunteers who will be putting the bikes on and taking them off the trainers for our racers.
  3. Will I need any special items to put my bike on the trainer? (skewers, gear extensions, etc.?)  We are using Elite Wireless Trainers, which work by having the back tire sit on a rolling tracker device which is connected to a computer that calculates your wattage based on your weight. You will not need to bring any other accessories in order to use the trainers.
  4. Can I use my mountain/cyclo-cross bike?  Unfortunately the knobs on the tires of those types of bikes damage our trainers, meaning we can only use smooth-type tires on our trainers.
  5. Can I share a bike with a friend who is also doing the race?  If your heat is different than your friend’s, that may be something we can work out. Otherwise, since the bike portion starts at the same time for everyone in a certain wave, you cannot share a bike with anyone in the same wave as you.
  6. Do I have to move my bike after the bike portion of the race?  Our volunteers will be responsible for moving your bike to the secure holding area outside of the pool after you are done with this portion of the race.
  7. Do I have to bring a helmet?  Yes, you will be required to wear a helmet. As silly as it seems, due to USAT guidelines, we are required to ensure every athlete wears a helmet during the bike portion of the race. We are in the midst of trying to get that changed for this race, but for now helmets are needed.

Run course questions

  1. What is the T2 transition situation?  It is the same as the T1 situation, your run portion starts as soon as you are done biking, so the faster you get out of your cleats (if you are wearing them) and onto the course, the faster your time will be.
  2. Will there be an aid station on the run course?  There will not be an aid station on this course, however we will have people handing out water/ hammer electrolyte drink at the finish line.
  3. Which direction do I go to start the run?  When you head out the doors of the pool towards the Green Lake Trail, you will take a right on the trail (heading north).
  4. Anything else I need to know about the run?  This run is on an open course, which means that you will be running with rollerbladers, dog-walkers, families and bikers. Please use common runners courtesy and let people you are passing know “I’m on your right.”

Finish Line questions

  1. What do I do when I finish?  We will have a small expo for you to enjoy with multiple foods and food samples available for you and your family to eat.
  2. Where do I get my bike?  You will be able to pick up your bike at the secure bike area outside next to the pool.
  3. When will I know my results?  We manually compile and calculate all results, which is a bit time consuming, so racers should expect to see their results no sooner than at least one full day after the race.

General Questions

  1. Are the shirts Men and Women’s sizes?  Yes.
  2. How does the RainMan triathlon differ from an outdoor tri (beyond the obvious)?  In an outdoor triathlon, generally all the racers will start together, or in gender specific groups, instead of 12 at a time.  Most outdoor triathlons will time your transition times between the disciplines, which are added to your overall score. Since we roll everything together, transition time is not calculated.
  3. What is the difference between a sprint distance tri, an Olympic tri, a half-iron and an ironman tri?  A Sprint Distance Triathlon is: 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run. An Olympic Distance triathlon is: 1.5km Swim, 40 km bike, 10km run.  A Long Course triathlon is (1/2 Ironman): 1.9km swim, 90 km bike, 21.1 km run.  And an Ultra Distance triathlon is (Ironman): 3.8km swim, 180 km bike, 42.2km run.
  4. How many people will be racing the RainMan Tri this year?  We have around 350 people signed upon average.
  5. Can my family/friends watch me race?  Absolutely! We just ask that if you have young children, there will be someone to supervise them and ensure they aren’t in the path of an oncoming racer, or too close to the edge of the pool.
  6. Where are the bathrooms?  There are bathrooms located in the Evan’s Pool locker rooms.
  7. Where should I park?  There are no designated parking spots for racers, so please plan accordingly to ensure you have enough time to find a parking spot and make it to the pool before you are scheduled to start.