RainMan Indoor Triathlon Seattle Evans Pool Food, Awards & Swag

Post Race Food:

Post race food is served to Seattle RainMan participants. Food will consist of granola, bagels, peanut butter, Nutella, bread, fresh fruit, & juice! We may have other goodies, but we can’t give it all away

Awards & Swag:

  • All participants will receive a RainMan Series Technical T-Shirt.
  • All athletes that finish will receive a RainMan Series finishers medal.
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd male & female overall winners will receive a trophy.
  • Age group winners will receive award plaques.

NOTE: Award trophies and plaques will be dropped off at the pre race packet pickup location for the event several days after the race.  Mailing them is too cost prohibitive and since there are waves spread out over such a large time we can’t get the results done until later.  Participants will receive a discount at the store where the awards are dropped off to make it worth while them driving the distance to pick them up.

Age groups will be in increments of 10. Under 19, 20 to 29, 30 to 39, etc… up to 69, and then one group for 70 and over. 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall relay teams will receive one award each.  Due to the very limited field of Athena and Clydesdale, athletes in these groups will be ranked in the regular age group division. If you are in these groups please consider signing up in the Age Group division, as you essentially will race with them anyways.  Why do we do this?  Because there just aren’t enough people participating in these groups, and in the end every single person gets an award because so few people race these divisions.  It kind of defeats the point of doing a race when you get an award no matter what. ;-)

Note that since both swim and bike events are time based, not distance based, overall placement for awards will be based on a combination of the distance traveled by athletes for their swim and bike sections, as well as their time on the run.

Event Swag:

A sneak preview of the front and back of a similar T-Shirt that everyone will get can be found on this page.

Please review our policy for swag: TriFREAKS SWAG Policy.

How We Do Award Placement:

We have been asked how athletes will be placed since both the bike and swim are time based not distance based. Since they are both time based, not distanced based, the two will be converted into distances using a formula. The end result will be that all three events will have distance based results with an average based time needed to finish a true sprint distance triathlon swim and bike section (800 Yard Swim, 13 Mile Bike) based on the distance the athlete covered in the given time. For example, if an athlete took 30 minutes to finish 8.66 miles on the bike, then their time for the bike section for 13 miles would be 45 minutes. Based on the resulting times athletes will be ranked. Time for the run will be actual time needed to finish the 2.97 mile run. Rest assured that your performance is still a measure of where you will be placed and that there’s still the opportunity to be competitive. 🙂