RainMan Issaquah Indoor Night Triathlon ~ February 16th, 2013

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    Sammamish Club  Issaquah RainMan LogoThe RainMan Issaquah Indoor Night Triathlon is back again for 2013 and we are excited to offer it! It continues to be part of annual RainMan Indoor Triathlon Series.  This year we have moved the event to the Sammamish Club, which is a wonderful facility.  We are also sprucing things up a bit! 😉 Read on…

    There will be five music themed, off season, training, fun and/or competition RainMan events!  Four of them, including the Issaquah RainMan, will be held in the evening going into the morning.  The Seattle RainMan will continue to be held during the day.  All will have a music genre theme, starting with the 70’s in Issaquah, the 80’s in Tacoma, the 90’s in Seattle, the 2000’s in Silverdale, and a little bit of everything for the finale in Redmond.  Disco balls, costumes, you name it, we are encouraging it!  You are bound to have fun!  Show up wearing a costume, change into it between the swim and the bike, put on some big hair, or do whatever else you fee like.  We want you to have fun, and with our DJ, disco lights, and prizes for costumes, we expect to party into the night! 🙂

    A RainMan Indoor Triathlon offers a unique experience for beginners wanting to try a triathlon for the first time all the way to experienced triathletes who want to launch their triathlon season early or tune up their off season training. With a 15 minute indoor swim in the pool, a 30 minute indoor bike on our Elite Wireless trainers (athletes bring their own bikes), and then an approximately 2.70 (three laps) mile run outside, the RainMan Indoor Triathlon caters to those who want to have a safe first triathlon experience all the way to those athletes who want to compete for the best time.

    Participants start in waves of 8 every 20 minutes, with up to 300 participants total. Participants get a T-Shirt, Post Race Food and a Finishers Medal! We’ll recognize 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall winners with a variety of prizes from our sponsors, like shoes from Road Runner Sports last year. Age group winners will be recognized for 19 and under, 20 to 29, 30 to 39, and so on… Overall winners will all get trophies and age group winners will receive a metal age group winners plaque.  We will also be working hard with our sponsors to give other prizes to folks.

    Last year we had athletes singing in their waves as they competed to cover the most distance on their bikes while on the trainers. Participants have ranged from 14 to 86 years old! Make sure to join us for this unique and fun experience!

    Issaquah RainMan Indoor Triathlon Events:

    • Individual Sprint Triathlon ~ 15 Minute Swim ~ 30 Minute Bike ~ 2.85 Mile Run*
    • Relay Team Sprint Triathlon ~ 15 Minute Swim ~ 30 Minute Bike ~ 2.85 Mile Run*

    * Note: Military Discounts Available ( Valid Military ID Required). Use code “HEROES2013”

    ATTENTION: Please read our Refund & Rollover Policy. It is your responsibility to know it.

    For more information on pricing, dates for price increases and other event related information please visit the “Event Details” tab for this event.

    Before we cover the course info, please note the following:

    If you are participating in the Issaquah RainMan Indoor then knowing the course is 100% your responsibility. So make sure you familiarize yourself with the course and ask any questions you have before the event. Courses will be marked well, and we will do our part to make sure you know where to go. However, ultimately it is YOUR responsibility to know the course. If you ask anyone other than race officials, (volunteers are NOT considered race officials) and they point you the wrong way, it is STILL your responsibility if you end up going the wrong way.

    Remember, it’s not just about finishing! It’s about the journey, and part of that journey is handling the challenges and tribulations that come along with any part of life.  You may have a flat, be tired, forget something, or have any other number of things happen.  Don’t get frustrated and give up!  Find another way and / or learn to laugh at the situation.  This is not just about a competition, this is about having fun and making new friends as well. 🙂

    Transition Area:

    The Transition Area for the race will be upstairs in the group work out room.  You’ll exit the pool, head through the appropriate locker room ( change if you need to ) and then head up the stairs.  We’ll make sure you know where to go during the race as well.  We’ll have some music playing for you guys. Since you are riding stationary you should be more than warm enough.  If anything you’ll want to dress light here and have a shirt/jacket, or something else to throw on once you head outside for the run.  The run out exit is located down the stairs again and out the front exit.

    Each athlete will be able to set up their transition area in a staging area 30 minutes before their wave starts. Volunteers will move athletes gear and bike and set them up on the Elite Wireless Trainer set specifically to their weight. This is where they will go immediately following the swim to begin the bike portion of the race. When the 30 minute bike is complete, athletes will put on their running gear and transition to the run and then Go! Go! Go!

    Our transition areas are laid out according to USAT (even though this is not a USAT sanctioned event) rules, making sure everyone travels the same distance to get from one area to the next.

    Swim Course (15 Minutes):

    Waves of 8 athletes will start every 20 minutes.  The first wave will start at the time noted in the event schedule on the “Event Details” for this event. Each athlete completes as many full laps (out and back) of 50 yards as they can within the given 15 minutes.  If you do not think you can finish a full lap in the time remaining of your 15 minutes you should wait inside the pool at the end you originally started on.  Once the 15 minutes are done, we will blow the horn and you will exit the pool and make your way to the trainer with your bike on it.  There will be an official lap counter but each athlete is still responsible for keeping count.

    If you are having difficulty at any point in the swim raise your hand and ask for help. There will be lifeguards on duty for your safety and to assist you.  If you are tired and need to rest for a minute feel free to hold onto one of the lane guides or the side of the pool for a minute.  As long as you don’t pull yourself forward using the sides or lane guides you can resume your swim any time you are ready.

    Bike Course (30 Minutes):

    Each individual MUST HAVE THEIR OWN BIKE. The athlete will stage their transition area, for after the swim, in a pre-staging area. During the athlete’s swim the race crew will move the athlete’s bike and any other staged belongings into the actual transition area, where the bike will be staged on an Elite Wireless Trainer (SUPPLIED BY THE RACE). Each trainer will be individually adjusted to the athlete’s weight. By doing so, athletes that weigh more must produce more wattage to travel the same distance as lighter athletes. Just like on the real road! When the 30 minutes are completed a race official will announce “FINISHED” and athletes will immediately start their run stage while we record distance traveled and transition the bike.

    * If you participate in the race with a mountain bike you will need to have slick tires ( no knobs) on your mountain bike. Knobby tires damaged our trainers, so unfortunately we can’t allow them.

    Run Course (2.85 Miles Total):

    Its time to head outside. Three laps and to the finish line.  Total run distance is 2.85 miles.  There is a chance, just an itsy bitty little one, that it might be raining. Hence the name RainMan. 😉  Don’t worry It’ll feel great! And if you do get a little cold you can always take a nice hot shower at the gym or sit in the sauna afterwards.  Now Run Forrest Run! 😉  For an interactive Run course map click on the following link, Run Map.  The interactive course maps offer the best level of detail and information, so make sure you look at them.

    Please make sure you READ the signs for the course. If you cut the run course short, unintentionally or intentionally we will have to DISQUALIFY your results. Out of all the things I get to do as a Race Director, this is my least favorite thing to do. Please don’t make me do so!

    Hammer Aid Station Info:

    There will be aid stations with water, Hammer Heed and Gels at the following locations:

    • Right before entering the transition area.
    • Right after leaving the pool heading for your bike.
    • Right after you leave your bike heading for the run.
    • After each lap on the run course.

    All aid stations will have Water, Hammer HeedTM and some gels as well as light snacks.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not discard any trash other than at aid stations. If you have bottles, packaging, or any other containers or trash of any kind you wish to throw away YOU MUST HOLD ONTO THEM UNTIL YOU GET TO THE NEXT AID STATION or back to the Transition Area! We will also provide strategically placed catch bins for trash after each aid station where you can toss your trash without having to stop. The local community, parks and state are kind enough to let us use their roads and trails, so be kind enough and protect them! If you throw things away at aid stations then we can pack out what we pack in. Failure to do so will impede our ability to continue producing this race for all of you.

    Front of RainMan Series T-Shirt for 2012

    Post Race Food:

    Post race food is served to Sammamish Club Issaquah RainMan participants. Food will consist of granola, bagels, peanut butter, Nutella, bread, fresh fruit, & juice!  There is a coffee shop with sandwiches, and other food, as well as smoothies that is right inside the front entrance.  This shop will stay open for the race, and both participants and spectators can purchase items from the store as well.

    Awards & Swag:

    • All participants will receive a RainMan Series Technical T-Shirt.
    • All athletes that finish will receive a RainMan Series finishers medal.
    • 1st, 2nd & 3rd male & female overall winners will receive a trophy.
    • Age group winners will receive award plaques.

    NOTE: Award trophies and plaques will be dropped off at the pre race packet pickup location for the event several days after the race.  Mailing them is too cost prohibitive and since there are waves spread out over such a large time we can’t get the results done until later.  Participants will receive a discount at the store where the awards are dropped off to make it worth while them driving the distance to pick them up.

    Age groups will be in increments of 10. Under 19, 20 to 29, 30 to 39, etc… up to 69, and then one group for 70 and over. 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall relay teams will receive one award each.  Due to the very limited field of Athena and Clydesdale, athletes in these groups will be ranked in the regular age group division. If you are in these groups please consider signing up in the Age Group division, as you essentially will race with them anyways.  Why do we do this?  Because there just aren’t enough people participating in these groups, and in the end every single person gets an award because so few people race these divisions.  It kind of defeats the point of doing a race when you get an award no matter what. ;-)

    Note that since both swim and bike events are time based, not distance based, overall placement for awards will be based on a combination of the distance traveled by athletes for their swim and bike sections, as well as their time on the run.

    Event Swag:

    A sneak preview of the front and back of a similar T-Shirt that everyone will get can be found on this page.

    Please review our policy for swag: TriFREAKS SWAG Policy.

    How We Do Award Placement:

    We have been asked how athletes will be placed since both the bike and swim are time based not distance based. Since they are both time based, not distanced based, the two will be converted into distances using a formula. The end result will be that all three events will have distance based results with an average based time needed to finish a true sprint distance triathlon swim and bike section (800 Yard Swim, 13 Mile Bike) based on the distance the athlete covered in the given time. For example, if an athlete took 30 minutes to finish 8.66 miles on the bike, then their time for the bike section for 13 miles would be 45 minutes. Based on the resulting times athletes will be ranked. Time for the run will be actual time needed to finish the 2.85 mile run. Rest assured that your performance is still a measure of where you will be placed and that there’s still the opportunity to be competitive. 🙂

    Event Results:

    Event Photos:

    Are you interested in hearing about other folks experience or some pictures?  You can find previous race reports for some RainMan events from other folks at the respective links, along with participant photo galleries taken by people, in this paragraph.  We will add more galleries as we find them and folks share them.

    Athletes instructions for this event will be posted as we get closer to the event.

    We look forward to making sure you all have a great time!

    The TriFreaks Inc. Team.

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