What’s this Indoor Triathlon Thing?

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What’s an indoor triathlon you ask? Well, in many ways it is very similar to an outdoor triathlon. You still swim, bike and run, in that order. The key difference is that you usually swim in an indoor (or heated outdoor) pool and bike indoors with your bike on a trainer. The run is either held outside, on an indoor track, or on treadmills, depending on weather and facilities available. To accomodate the lanes in a pool and the use of bike trainers, the layout and flow of an indoor triathlon is very similar to that of a time trial event. Here’s how it plays out:

The Swim (15 Minutes or 450 Yards)

The swim is usually 15 minutes of however many yards you can swim in that time, or a set distance of 450 yards. Participants start in waves, the number of which is based on the number of laps that are available for use in the pool. Usually somewhere between 6 to12 participants per wave. Waves start every 20 minutes! Each athlete completes as many laps as they can in 15 minutes, or the set distance. There are always official lap counters for each swimmer to make sure laps are tracked.

The Bike ( 30 Minutes)

Participants will stage their transition area for after the swim in a pre-staging area. During the athlete’s swim the race crew will move the athlete’s bike and any other staged belongings into the actual transition area, where the bike will be positioned on an Elite Wireless Trainer (SUPPLIED BY THE RACE). Each trainer will be individually adjusted to the athlete’s weight. By doing so, athletes that weigh more must produce more wattage to travel the same distance as a lighter athletes. Just like on the real road! When the 30 minutes are completed a race official will announce “FINISHED” and athletes will immediately start their run stage while we record distance traveled and transition the bike. Participants must provide their own bikes.

* If you participate in the race with a mountain bike you will need to have slick tires (no knobs) on your mountain bike. Knobby tires damage our trainers, so unfortunately we can’t allow them. A note for our younger participants, some smaller bikes (typically used by age 9 and younger) will not work on the Trainers, please contact us if you have a size question.

The Run (1.5 to 3 Miles)

It’s time to head outside for the Run (depending on location of event). Each location will have different RUN course. If available we will run a loop course at each location. If conditions are too bad we will run Indoors on treadmills, or in some cases, on an indoor track.

Transition Areas

The Transition Area for the race will be the deck of the pool or a dedicated spin room. Located near the pool deck when possible. Each athlete will be able to set up their transition area in a staging area 30 minutes before their wave starts. Volunteers will move athletes gear and bike and set them up on the Elite Wireless Trainer set specifically to their weight. This is where they will go immediately following the swim to begin the bike portion of the race. When the 30 minute bike is complete, athletes will put on their running gear and transition to the run area. Located either inside on Treadmills or Outside on the course.

Calculating Results

We have been asked how athletes will be placed since both the bike and swim can be potentially time based not distance based. In the case where a discipline is time based, it will be converted into distances using a formula. The end result will be that all three events will have distance based results with an average based time needed to finish a sprint distance triathlon swim and bike section (450 Yard Swim, 13 Mile Bike) based on the distance the athlete covered in the given time. For example, if an athlete took 30 minutes to finish 8.66 miles on the bike, then their time for the bike section for 13 miles would be 45 minutes. Based on the resulting times athletes will be ranked. Time for the run will be actual time needed to finish the miles run for that particular indoor triathlon. Rest assured that your performance is still a measure of where you will be placed and that there’s still the opportunity to be competitive. 🙂

SWAG & Prizes

Prizes will be different for each indoor triathlon we hold. Every participant will receive a cool finishers medal and a tech shirt that has the RainMan series on it.

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