33rd Annual ~ That Dam Run ~ May 11th, 2013

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    That Dam Dam Run Summary

    That Dam Run Web LogoThat Dam Run (formerly known as the “Over The Dam Run”) offers Pacific Northwest runners and walkers a great day on one of the most scenic and unique runs in the Northwest. That Dam Run offers 5K, 10K and Half Marathon distances. This classic running race has been around since the 70’s. Athletes walk/run along the Columbia River and over the largest concrete structure in North America – The Grand Coulee Dam. This year, as before, walkers and runners will finish in the heart of Grand Coulee’s annual Colorama Festival hosting a carnival, rodeo, parade, and much much more!

    Over The Dam Run Events:

    • Over The Dam 5K Walk/Run
    • Over The Dam 10K Walk/Run
    • Over The Dam Half Marathon Run
    • Walk The Dam Build a School


    Your options to  register are: Via Active.com below to the left, or RaceMine below to the right!

    Note: Read our event policies before you resgister. You are subject to them.  No exceptions!

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    Temperatures typically range in the 60s to 70s. Combine this great event with the 56th Annual Colorama Festival at Grand Coulee Dam, which features a carnival, rodeo competition, Parade and more, and you are bound to have an amazing run and great post event fun.

    To Register for the 5k, 10k, or Half Marathon use the “Register Now” button on this page.  If you would like more information about the event before registering, please visit the other tabs on this page.

    Like last year will have a “Walk the Dam & Build a School” event in support of raising funds for a new K through 12 school for the local community! Find out more about the new school project website.

    NOTE: In order to participate in the Walk The Dam Build A School event you need to fill out the below linked form and either email it to info@trifreaks.com by no later than  May 3rd, 2013 or mail it to GCD Rotary, PO Box 367, Grand Coulee, WA 99133 and have it arrive also by no later than May 3rd, 2013.

    TriFREAKS Over The Dam Walk The Dam Build A School Offline Registration Form – (To save these files to your PC Right Click & “Save Target As”)

    Please note that there is no set price for the Walk The Dam Build A School event. However we are conducting this event to raise funds for the new Grand Coulee District School project (http://gcdnewschool.com/), and we would like to encourage you to donate at least $15 to cover our cost to provide you with a great experience and a memorable T-Shirt. Higher donations are of course very much appreciated! Thank you for your consideration!

    To register for the “Walk the Dam & Build a School” please use the PayPal button at the bottom of the page. All proceeds for this registration category go to our fundraising efforts for the new Grand Coulee School District. For all other Over The Dam Run distances please use the registration button at the top of the page.

    The courses are great and we will offer all of you some great swag, post race food, and trophies. We’re working hard with the community to make this a fun, rewarding, competitive as well family centric event.

    We’re super excited about seeing you all at THAT DAM RUN this year! To register now, click on the register now button above!

    Come join us for a weekend you are sure not to forget!

    That Dam Run Event Details

    Where is the That Dam Run Held:

    That Dam Run is located in the Grand Coulee Dam area, 90 miles west of Spokane, 100 miles south of Osoyoos, B.C. and 65 miles east of Wenatchee, WA. The event has been hosted at the Grand Coulee Dam for many years, with both the start and finish line being at the dam. For 2013, That Dam Run will start on the east side of the Grand Coulee Dam and finish at North Dam Park where the Colorama Festival will be held at the same time. For directions to Grand Coulee visit our Lodging and Directions page.

    Event Cost & Registration:

    For event registration fees please visit our registration provider by clicking on the register button below. Athletes can register late during Packet Pick-Up with a $10 increase to price.

    Your options to  register are: Via Active.com below to the left, or RaceMine below to the right!

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    ATTENTION: Please read our Refund & Rollover Policy. It is your responsibility to know it.

    Weekend Schedule:

    • Friday, May 10th, 2013:
      • 4:00 – 7:00 pm: Packet Pick-Up & Late Registration @ North Dam Park.
    • Saturday, May 11th, 2013: Race day!
      • 5:00 am: Packet Pick-Up & Late Registration @ North Dam Park just south of Mead Park.
      • 5:30 am: Bus Shuttle Transportation Starts @ North Dam Park with Drop Off at Freedom Park.
        • Shuttle will run from North Dam Park to Freedom Park every 30 minutes until 7:00 am.
        • The Shuttle will cost $3.  Please bring cash.  No other payment form will be accepted.
      • 6:00 am: Bureau Security opens access to start area via Roosevelt road
      • 6:30 am: Packet Pick-Up & Late Registration Closes
      • 6:50 am: Half Marathon Pre Race Athletes Meeting Starts
      • 7:00 am: Half Marathon Starts
      • 7:05 am: 10K Pre Race Athletes Meeting Starts
      • 7:15 am: 10K Run Starts
      • 7:50 am: 5K Pre Race Athletes Meeting Starts
      • 8:00 am: 5K Run Starts
      • 8:05 am: Walk the Dam Build a School Pre Event Meeting Starts
      • 8:15 am: Walk the Dam Build a School Starts
      • 8:15 am: Post Race Food Opens at North Dam Park
      • 9:00 am: Award Ceremony for 5k Starts
      • 9:15 am: Award Ceremony for 10k Starts
      • 10:00 am Award Ceremony for Half Marathon Starts

    NOTE: North Dam Park is just west of Grand Coulee.  It is where the Colorama Festival is held, where the finish line is, and where we suggest you park your vehicles.  There is an optional shuttle for $3 that will transport you to the start line so you don’t have to worry about getting back to your vehicles after you are done.  The shuttle will drop you off at Freedom Park, close to the start on the east side of the dam.  Freedom park is just south of Mead Park and right across the street from the Grand Coulee Casino. The address for the Grand Coulee Casino, as a reference point, is:

    Grand Coulee Casino
    515 Birch Street
    Coulee Dam, WA 99116

    Course Cut Off Times:

    Cut off times (BELOW) for race support will be enforced for all distance runs. Our use of the Grand Coulee Dam is limited from 7:00 am to 10:30 am on.  General cut off times for all distances will be as follows: 11:00 AM.  Participants not starting to cross the dam at 10:15 will not be allowed to continue.  Please familiarize yourself with the course. Take a close look at the course maps and other information. It’s your race! Make sure you know it!

    Packet Pickup Information:

    Packet Pick Up is available either from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Friday the 10th or from 5:00 am to 6:30 am on Saturday the 11th at North Dam Park by the finish line of the race.  There will be shuttles taking you to the start.  If you are doing the half marathon please have your packet at 6:00 am to catch a shuttle to make it to the start line on time.  For directions to North Dam Park click here.

    Required Athletes Meetings: Informational athlete meetings for the runs will be held 15 minutes prior to start of the distance you are participating in.

    Start Area Check In:

    Due to Dam security, the start area will not open until 6:00 am Saturday, May 11th. Access to the start area will be via Bureau Rd just east of Mead Park.  For directions to Mead Park click here.

    The first event, the Half Marathon will begin at 7:00 am.  Access to the Dam area will be restricted to registered That Dam Run participants only!  Security bands will be issued to enforce the restricted access.

    SECURITY BANDS: All athletes will be issued security wrist bands that will be used to cross check names and bib numbers for permission to enter the dam area. Non participants, and/or anyone not wearing a security wrist band will NOT be allowed inside the dam area.

    Event Parking:

    Please note parking instructions for race day! TriFREAKS is not responsible for your vehicles should they be towed. If your vehicle blocks the race, any residences, businesses, or is otherwise illegally parked, it WILL BE TOWED at your expense! Plan ahead, park smart and leave yourself enough time take care of everything you need to take care of the morning of the race.  Vehicles parking at the Casino parking lot, that are not actually visiting the Casino, WILL BE TOWED. Casino parking is for guests of the casino only.

    That Dam Run Course Details

    General Info:

    For That Dam Run all events will start out on the east side of the Grand Coulee Dam. Late registration, packet pickup, awards, post race food and pre race food will take place at the North Dam Park the day before the race and the morning of. You can find more information on North Dam Park here.  You may also find more information at the Colorama Festival Website.  For information on the start line for each event please review the interactive maps below.  Note that since the dam will be closed for foot traffic prior to the event and for any east bound traffic, you will need to cross the bridge below the dam and approach the dam from the east.

    Your Responsibility:

    If you are participating in That Dam Run then knowing the course is 100% your responsibility. So make sure you familiarize yourself with the course and ask any questions you have before the event.  Courses will be marked well, and we will do our part to make sure you know where to go.  However, ultimately it is YOUR responsibility to know the course.  If you ask anyone other than race officials, (volunteers are NOT considered race officials) and they point you the wrong way, it is STILL your responsibility if you end up going the wrong way.  Those are USATF rules, and this is a USATF Sanctioned Race, so again, do your part and know the course.

    Make sure you check out the interactive map links below!  They have a lot of detailed information on the course.  Also, when reviewing the maps make sure to click on the “Notes” option in the top right hand corner for turn by turn directions & street name details.

    Course Description:

    The walk/runs are an out and back run with the exception for the 5k and the Walk The Dam Build a School Walk.  The 5k starts on the east side of the dam, heads west over the dam and then south to North Dam Park.  For whichever route you are taking, please make sure you READ the signs for YOUR respective distance and follow them.  If you cut the run course short, unintentionally or intentionally I will have to DISQUALIFY your results.  Out of all the things I get to do as a Race Director, this is my least favorite thing to do.  Please don’t make me do so!  Should anyone cut the course short, you can elect to still finish.  However your results will not be included in the final results.  If you are just there to have fun and walk and/or run because you can and what else would you want to be doing? 😉 then you can ignore the above. 🙂

    Course Maps:

    Click the below links to View Interactive Maps of That Dam Run Courses:

    Additional Course Images:

    Additional course images for the following areas can be found in the linked PDF file below:

    • That Dam Run Lower Dam Route Details
    • That Dam Run 10k & Half Marathon Route
    • That Dam Run Coulee Dam Layout
    • That Dam Run West Coulee Dam Layout
    • That Dam Run Grand Coulee City Run Layout
    • That Dam Run North Dam Park Finish Area Layout

    That Dam Run Overheads – (To save these files to your PC Right Click & “Save Target As”)

    Aid Station Information:

    There will be aid stations approximately every 1.5 miles. The course maps have the aid stations marked if you’d like to review them.  All aid stations will have water, Hammer HeedTM, GatoradeTM or some other hydration/electrolyte drink available.  For parts of the 10k and all of the half marathon they will also have gels, bananas, trail mix and fresh apple cider. There will be post race food at the finish line. Details on post race food can be found on That Dam Run Food, Awards & Swag page.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not discard any trash other than at aid stations.  If you have bottles, packaging, or any other containers or trash of any kind you wish to throw away YOU MUST HOLD ONTO THEM UNTIL YOU GET TO THE NEXT AID STATION!  We will also provide strategically placed catch bins for trash after each aid station where you can toss your trash without having to stop.  The local community, parks and state are kind enough to let us use their roads and trails, so be kind enough and protect them! If you throw things away at aid stations then we can pack out what we pack in. Failure to do so will impede our ability to continue producing this race for all of you.

    That Dam Run Food, Awards & Swag

    Before We Talk, Food, Awards & Swag…

    We’re raising funds for the new school with That Dam Run event.  All registration fees for the “Walk the Dam Build a School” event will go 100% towards this fundraiser.  Additionally you have an opportunity to donate funds to the GCD School project during registration.  Note that the donations will go to the local Rotary Club which is organizing the fundraiser for the school.  Because of the huge federal ownership of property here, combined with the related lack of industry, it’s quite literally impossible to build a new school through the property tax bonding system in place.  The Grand Coulee District (GCD) cannot raise the money without our help!  The federal government has agreed to help fund the school if GCD can show effort on their part in raising a portion of the funds to build the school.  The amount required is around the $10 million mark, so it is imperative we help. Donate $1, $5, $10, $25 or more!  Whatever you are comfortable with. It all helps!

    Information on Pre & Post Race Food:

    There will be opportunities to eat lots of carbs at the Colorama Festival Friday, the night before That Dam Run, so make sure you arrive a day early and soak in the festivities.  Details for the Colorama Festival can be found at here. If you need lodging information can be found at our lodgings page above.  We’ll have fruit (bananas, etc..), peanut butter, some type of bread, as well as other goodies at the finish line.  You will also be able to purchase other food at the Colorama Festival.

     Information on What SWAG & Awards You’ll Be Getting:

    SWAG is specific to each distance and details are provided for each event below. Clydesdale (200 lb+) and Athena (150 lb+) will NOT be considered a separate age group at this time!

    In addition to the items mentioned below, we’ll be working hard with local sponsors to have additional prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places, as well as raffled off prizes. Typically we have been able to get certificates for massages, sports apparel, hotel stays, spa visits, just to mention a few. Stay tuned for updates on what we can line up. 🙂

    Walk The Dam Build a School Distance:

    We’re raising funds for the new school with this event. All registration fees for the Walk The Dam Build a School distance will go 100% towards this fundraiser. As such we want you to have a great time, take lot’s of pictures and enjoy the view. You swag is the experience you are having and the knowledge that you are contributing towards a good cause!

    5k Distance:

    • Cotton T-Shirts for All Participants
    • Finisher Medals for Everyone
    • Winners Award for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall Male and Female

    Age Groups: 19 & Under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 & 70+.

    10K Distance:

    • Cotton T-Shirts for All Participants
    • Finisher Medals for Everyone
    • Winners Award for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall Male and Female

    Age Groups: 19 & Under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 & 70+.

    Half Marathon Distance:

    • Tech T-Shirts for All Participants
    • Finisher Medals for Everyone
    • Winners Award for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall Male and Female

    Age Groups: 19 & Under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 & 70+.

    That Dam Run Lodging & Directions

    Lodging Information:

    Directions to That Dam Run: 

    Directions from Spokane, West Bound, Interstate 90:

    Directions from Winthrop, East Bound, North Cascade State Highway 20:

    Directions from Osoyoos, Canada, South Bound, State Highway 97:

    Directions from Tri Cities (Pasco), WA, North Bound, State Highway 395:

    Directions from The Dalles, OR, West Bound, Interstate 84:

    That Dam Run Results & Photos

    Well, we just took over running this event in 2011 and don’t have any of the results or photos prior to that.  If you happen to have any please do share them so we can put them up here.  We’d love to have some pictures and/or video of previous events we could share.  If you know of anyone that has pictures, reviews, videos, and/or blogs posted for the event, send us an email at feedback@trifreaks.com and the contact person for the site, and we’ll try to get them added below.

    For 2013 we are including event photos for everyone in the price of registration.  We are tired of folks getting charged $40 plus dollars in some cases for a digital photo.  In addition, all participants receive complimentary injury insurance provided via 365 Competitors as part of their registration fee.  For information on what is covered please visit http://365competitors.com.

    Get your TriFreak On!

    The TriFreaks Inc. Team.