That Dam Run Course Details

General Info:

For That Dam Run all events will start out on the east side of the Grand Coulee Dam. Late registration, packet pickup, awards, post race food and pre race food will take place at the North Dam Park the day before the race and the morning of. You can find more information on North Dam Park here.  You may also find more information at the Colorama Festival Website.  For information on the start line for each event please review the interactive maps below.  Note that since the dam will be closed for foot traffic prior to the event and for any east bound traffic, you will need to cross the bridge below the dam and approach the dam from the east.

Your Responsibility:

If you are participating in That Dam Run then knowing the course is 100% your responsibility. So make sure you familiarize yourself with the course and ask any questions you have before the event.  Courses will be marked well, and we will do our part to make sure you know where to go.  However, ultimately it is YOUR responsibility to know the course.  If you ask anyone other than race officials, (volunteers are NOT considered race officials) and they point you the wrong way, it is STILL your responsibility if you end up going the wrong way.  Those are USATF rules, and this is a USATF Sanctioned Race, so again, do your part and know the course.

Make sure you check out the interactive map links below!  They have a lot of detailed information on the course.  Also, when reviewing the maps make sure to click on the “Notes” option in the top right hand corner for turn by turn directions & street name details.

Course Description:

The walk/runs are an out and back run with the exception for the 5k and the Walk The Dam Build a School Walk.  The 5k starts on the east side of the dam, heads west over the dam and then south to North Dam Park.  For whichever route you are taking, please make sure you READ the signs for YOUR respective distance and follow them.  If you cut the run course short, unintentionally or intentionally I will have to DISQUALIFY your results.  Out of all the things I get to do as a Race Director, this is my least favorite thing to do.  Please don’t make me do so!  Should anyone cut the course short, you can elect to still finish.  However your results will not be included in the final results.  If you are just there to have fun and walk and/or run because you can and what else would you want to be doing? 😉 then you can ignore the above. 🙂

Course Maps:

Click the below links to View Interactive Maps of That Dam Run Courses:

Additional Course Images:

Additional course images for the following areas can be found in the linked PDF file below:

  • That Dam Run Lower Dam Route Details
  • That Dam Run 10k & Half Marathon Route
  • That Dam Run Coulee Dam Layout
  • That Dam Run West Coulee Dam Layout
  • That Dam Run Grand Coulee City Run Layout
  • That Dam Run North Dam Park Finish Area Layout

That Dam Run Overheads – (To save these files to your PC Right Click & “Save Target As”)

Aid Station Information:

There will be aid stations approximately every 1.5 miles. The course maps have the aid stations marked if you’d like to review them.  All aid stations will have water, Hammer HeedTM, GatoradeTM or some other hydration/electrolyte drink available.  For parts of the 10k and all of the half marathon they will also have gels, bananas, trail mix and fresh apple cider. There will be post race food at the finish line. Details on post race food can be found on That Dam Run Food, Awards & Swag page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not discard any trash other than at aid stations.  If you have bottles, packaging, or any other containers or trash of any kind you wish to throw away YOU MUST HOLD ONTO THEM UNTIL YOU GET TO THE NEXT AID STATION!  We will also provide strategically placed catch bins for trash after each aid station where you can toss your trash without having to stop.  The local community, parks and state are kind enough to let us use their roads and trails, so be kind enough and protect them! If you throw things away at aid stations then we can pack out what we pack in. Failure to do so will impede our ability to continue producing this race for all of you.