Grand Columbian SuperTri 2012 Post Race Follow Up

Dear Participants,

As we head into our next event, the Kirkland Triathlon on the 30th of September, I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation that you joined us for the 9th Annual Grand Columbian SuperTri.  Amidst the uncertainty of how the fires and smoke were going to affect the race I am very happy that we were able to press on and hold the event.

We realize you all have a lot of options out there for which events to participate in. So I appreciate all of you choosing to join us for a weekend of fun. As with any event we put on we did our best to make sure you all have a good time. And as is always the case, we took notes on how to do better in the future. We are excited about 2013, what improvements we can make, and look forward to seeing those of you that chose to join us again.

It is our goal to produce world class events that allow folks to have a great experience while living out their athletic endeavors with deliberate intent.The Grand Columbian represents a particular challenging event for us given its geographic location and the complexity of putting on so many distances all at once with two transition areas.To keep doing better, we will need all the help we can get, so I encourage you all to go read our blog posts often at where I will outline my vision for TriFreaks for 2013 over the next few weeks. Announcements will include our efforts to become a non profit, entry price reductions for the Grand Columbian Triathlon, possible name changes for some events, and event date change, etc…) as well as the areas where you can help us if you desire to do so.

With that said, as much as we work hard to make the events go smooth, often than not the best planning goes out the window right before and during a race. This last weekend not only did we have the fires, but someone passed away locally and many of our volunteers couldn’t make it as they had to attend the funeral. While we completely understand those circumstances, and wish those that experienced a loss our condolences, it did put us in a situation with this race, where we already struggle to get enough volunteers. The locals give a lot, and we appreciate them and want to thank them sincerely! But there just aren’t enough volunteers there.Fortunately many of your friends and family stepped up and helped make the event a success. So I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you volunteers out there! You guys are amazing, and I am so humbled by how you often step up and put others needs before your own. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

With some of the things that transpired behind the scenes, by the time the race came around various others and myself had slept little to not at all.Personally I got about 20 minutes of sleep in almost 48 hours, so feel like I was right there with you guys doing the iron and SuperTri.:-)

Of course lack of sleep doesn’t always foster the brightest choices, so I regretfully have to inform you that many of you that thought you swam a shorter distance on the Olympic swim were correct. While I had set the course up properly, I instructed all of you Olympic Triathletes to turn at the first orange cylinder shaped buoy, when in fact I should have told you to swim to the first large yellow triangular buoy and then make your way to the second orange cylinder shaped buoy.As a result, you all swam .5 miles instead of .9. Well, let’s just say that I kicking myself for the mistake.

I realize that some of you are probably quite happy about the shorter distance, however for those of you that really wanted to swim the accurate distance, please write me at and I will work with you to find an amicable solution. While I don’t always get things right, I will take responsibility for them and do my best to make it up to you.

Ok, on to the remaining post race items that need to be addressed:

  • Finishers Medals ~ As announced during the awards ceremonies and also at other times during the race, our medal company made a mistake and shipped the medals out to arrive too late.Fortunately they have agreed to take the medals back and mail them to you directly.They should be shipped to you this week sometime.
  • Overall Awards ~ For those of you that were not present for the awards, and still want your award, we’ll be happy to mail them to you as long as you cover the shipping costs.
  • Age Group Plaques ~ We will be customizing the age group awards and will be sending out the plaques for everyone either the end of this week or very early next week.Keep an eye out for them in the mail!
  • Feedback Emails ~ For those of you that took the time to write us, I assure you I will get back to you all as I manage to get caught up on things and also get through the next four weeks of an additional 3 events we are producing and assisting with.
  • Results ~ Results for the race can be found on our website under the “Results & Photos” tab at
  • Photos &Videos ~ Photos and the Finish Line Videos for the race can be found on our website under the “Results & Photos” tab at Please note that the finish line videos take some time to edit, so they will be up as soon as we are notified that they are ready. The Star newspaper was kind enough to take photos of the race for us after our photographer fell through. They did their best to capture people in the pictures, however this was a last minute deal for them, so they did not get everything. We realize this is disappointing to some of you and apologize for this.Getting a photographer has been a challenge for this race, due to its location.See below, in the area for our needs for next year if you or someone you know can help us out with this for 2013. We are willing to pay for someone to come out if their prices are reasonable. What we don’t want is to bring someone in that charges us and participants the $40 to $50 per digital photo that I see many photographers do.
  • Left Special Needs Bags~ There were quite a few of you that did not pick up your special needs bags.In particular I believe we have at least 5 pairs of cycling shoes that were left. If you left your shoes / bag, please contact us and we will make arrangements to get them back to you.

If you live in the Seattle area, or want to come up here still this month, and are not done racing for the season, consider our Kirkland Triathlon on September 30th, 2012. You can find more information on it at: We are also still looking for volunteers for this race. If you could come help out we would sincerely appreciate it! You can contact us for volunteer opportunities at

Ok, that’s it for now.  Thanks again for joining us! The TriFreaks team wishes you a wonderful rest of the summer and we look forward to serving you again in the future!

Get Your TriFreak On!

Stefan Newbury
Race Director TriFreaks
& The TriFreaks Inc. Team