Grand Columbian SuperTri Summary

The Grand Columbian Triathlon has been one of America’s premier endurance race courses. Nine years of amazing athletes participating in this both challenging, fun and rewarding event. We are both honored and excited to carry on the tradition of the Grand Columbian Triathlon and look forward to making sure everyone continues to have the great experiences they have had, as well as add new ones every year!  We are excited to also host the 3rd Annual Grand Columbian SuperTri.

Grand Coulee is family friendly, so come join us with your family, friends and kids and experience an amazing event and amazing geologic wonders and vistas of Eastern Washington. Experience the best  Ultra (Iron), Long (Half Iron) and Olympic distance triathlon courses, Aquabike, Duathlons in the Pacific Northwest. The Grand Columbian offers the only Ultra (Iron) distance race in Washington with the kind of experience you expect in a local and friendly environment!

We offer great community support, unique Partnership awards for married couples, corporate and club team events, men’s and women’s tech shirts, and medallions for all events. The longer distance events will receive additional swag such as jackets/hoodies, and/or backpacks and visors.  Visit the “Awards & Swag” tab for more info.  Please note that we reserve the right to change swag based on availability from vendors.  We will be serving some great post race food, with a pre-race carb loading dinner, a live DJ & announcer.  This is one race you will not forget!

For 2013, the Grand Columbian SuperTri will take place on the 21st of September, and will be continuing the Ultra Distance (Iron) triathlon as the SuperTri! The course will be both challenging and fantastically rewarding, and will most definitely earn you bragging rights! Additionally, we are really looking forward to utilizing our new race to help the local community for their fundraising project to build a new school for the Grand Coulee Dam School District. You can find out more info on this project at And we’ll be sure to send more information on this project as we move forward.

Grand Columbian Super Triathlon Events:

  • Ultra Distance ~ 3.8 km Swim ~ 180 km Bike ~ 42.2 km Run
  • Long (Half) Course ~ 1.9 km Swim ~ 90 km Bike ~ 21.1 km Run
  • Olympic Distance ~ 1.5 km Swim ~ 45 km Bike ~ 10 km Run
  • Ultra Aquabike ~ 3.8 km Swim ~ 180 km Bike
  • Long (Half) Aquabike ~ 1.9 km Swim ~ 90 km Bike
  • Olympic Aquabike ~ 1.5 km Swim ~ 45 km Bike
  • Ultra Duathlon ~ 5.0 km Run ~ 180 km Bike ~ 42.2 km Run
  • Long (Half) Duathlon ~ 5.0 km Run ~ 90 km Bike ~ 21.1 km Run

Note: Read our event policies before you resgister. You are subject to them.  No exceptions!

Note: For all Iron distances (Aquathlon included) athletes may optionally purchase an 1000 ml IV during registration for $35 that guarantees them accelerated post race hydration and accelerated recovery. The purchase will assure you a no hassle IV that will set you on course for a quick recovery. We will have medical staff waiting at the finish line to administer them.

We’re super excited about the Grand Columbian, and about seeing all of you there! To register now, click on the register now button above.  For more information browse the tabs above.  We look forward to serving all of you in this journey!