Grand Columbian Super Tri Athletes Instructions

Dear Athletes,

The 10th Annual Grand Columbian SuperTri is still a ways away. However we look forward to having all of you out to the race and making it the best experience we can make it for you.  We are excited for all of you to do well!

Important Things To Note for the Race:

The Pre Race Carb Loading Pasta Dinner location & Information:  The Pre Race Carb Loading Pasta Dinner location has changed. The dinner will now be held at the Church of the Nazarene at 45925 Washington 174, Grand Coulee, WA on the opposite side of Highway 174 close to the entrance of Spring Canyon Campground from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  The cost will be $10.00 per individual and $25.00 per family.  There will be pasta with sauce (meat or non-meat), salad, bread and non-alcoholic drink.

Pre Race Shuttles:  We will provide shuttle service the morning of the race for $5.00. Half (50%) of the shuttle fees will go towards the new school project for Grand Coulee Dam School District. You can find out more info on this project at The Shuttles will run from 4:30 AM to 11:30 AM, and will transport you from T2 to T1. They will also be able to transport friends and family back to T1 until 11:30.   The last shuttle leaves T1 at 11:00 AM to head back to T2 / Finish area.  Please note that race participants will have preference on the bus if there is not enough room for a run there or back. After 10:30 there will be no more shuttles. There will be NO SHUTTLE SERVICE AFTER YOU ARE DONE. Which is why we encourage you to park at T2 the morning of the race and take the shuttle to T1 for the swim start. If you park at T2, take the shuttle to T1, you will have your own transportation close to the finish line when you are done racing.

Lights Required for Run:  Iron athletes are required to wear a headlamp and preferably a butt lamp if they go leave the T2 area for their 1st or 2nd lap any time after 4:30 PM.  Please make sure you bring your own lights.  You can leave them in your bike to run transition bag we will provide.  We will provide flashlights if needed, however the expectation is that you bring your own  The required use of lights is for your own safety!

Water Temperatures & Wetsuits:  Last year the water temperature for the events was in the mid 60’s!

Personal Items Left at T1:  We will be transporting your personal belongings from T1 to T2 for you.  When you head out of T1 please make sure you put your belongings in the bag we give you at packet pickup so your items ALL get to you!  We are NOT responsible for items that are not in bags, as we often have no way of knowing which person they belong to.  If you don’t bag them, don’t expect them back!  The only thing that should really have to go in the bag once you switch into your bike gear should be your wetsuit, and it doesn’t take that long to put it into the bag, so make sure you do so.  I can’t stress this enough!

Special Needs Bags:  Special needs bags for ½ Iron and Iron participants can be given to us the morning of the race before you start your race.  There will be an area right outside of T1 designated for the drop off.  We will take your bike special needs bags to the Aid station in Almira and your run special needs bag to the aid station at mile 6 on the first lap of the run.  Make sure you label your special needs bags appropriately, or we won’t know where to take it.  If you give us a bike special needs bag, we will bring them to T2 AFTER the last biker passes the Almira Aid Station.  Your run special needs bag will NOT be available until the next day at the Eagles lodge post race breakfast.  So if you intend on not being at the breakfast make sure you only put items in this bag that you do not expect back!

Packet Pickup and Check In: New for this year:  Packet Pickup and Check In is now available the day of the race.  Please check the schedule on the event website, under the “Event Details” tab, to make sure you know when you need to be there by!  For those of you doing the ½ Iron, Iron & SuperTri, we STRONGLY encourage you to pick up your packet the night before the race so you can attend the pre race meeting.  We will go over some details immediately before the race again, however given time constraints the morning of, we need to be brief and to the point.  We will have much more time the day before and you will have the opportunity to review the course maps there as well.  We also STRONGLY encourage you to view the course maps online at the event website under the “Course Details” tab.  The event information can all be found at:

Read The Race Information:  Please take the time to visit the site and educate yourself about the course and all the other details.  It’s your race, know it!  We put the information there so you can review it and have a good race.  While we will have plenty of signs on the course, it is ultimately still your responsibility to know the course.  And the volunteers are not there to tell you where to go.  They have been instructed to tell you to follow the signs and markings.  For their sake and your sake!

Lastly, have an amazing race!  Enjoy the journey, not just the finish!

Get your TriFREAK on,

Stefan Newbury
Certified USAT Race Director

“People die of fright and live of confidence.” ~ — Henry David Thoreau, Author, Philosopher