Golden Gate Triathlon Summary

A world class triathlon has come to San Francisco and its most cherished landmark is its centerpiece.  The Golden Gate Triathlon features a beautiful swim along the coast of Crissy Field, an epic looped course through-out the Presidio capped off by a stunning out-and-back run across the Golden Gate Bridge (sprint distance participants will turn-around half way across the bridge). Don’t miss this race!

For the Benefit of Lazarex Cancer Foundation:

In 2013, The Golden Gate Triathlon has chosen to partner with Lazarex Cancer Foundation, a Danville, CA based nonprofit  that helps cancer patients nationwide, with all forms of cancer,  by providing assistance with costs for clinical trial participation and navigation through clinical trial options. Additionally Lazarex provides community outreach and education. The foundation is a resource for cancer patients who have been told they have no other treatment options, but who are not yet done with their journey in life and refuse to give up now.

Each Golden Gate Triathlon participant that elects to fundraise through Lazarex Cancer Foundation (relay team member OR individual) is responsible for raising a minimum of $500 by Monday, May 27, 2013.  Each participant will then be race registered and receive a Team for Life technical training shirt (3 shirt-type options), an official Tri-Freaks race day shirt, a finisher’s medal, as well as any race weekend celebrations in exchange for raising the $500 minimum!

Does the above sound appealing? Interested in participating in the Golden Gate Triathlon as a Lazarex Team for Life Member? Perhaps you have a few questions and want more information?  Find out more and/or register via Lazarex by clicking here!  Or you can email Cynthia Sandoval, the Division Manager, at

Note: Raising Funds is not a requirement to participate in this event.

Golden Gate Triathlon Events:

  • Sprint Distance ~ .46 mile Swim – 13.55 mi Bike ~ 3.1 mile Run
  • Olympic Distance ~ .93 mile Swim ~ 25.82 mi Bike ~ 6.17 mile Run

Note: Read our event policies before you resgister. You are subject to them.  No exceptions!

Take the opportunity to participate in this early season race!  We can’t promise the bike section is easy, but it is certainly bitter sweet!  With a total elevation gain of 1461 feet for the sprint and 2919 feet for the Olympic distance bike sections, these two events easily rank right up there in the top with some of the toughest shorter triathlons out there.  And if that isn’t enough then try our sprint DiabloMan Triathlon, where the bike section alone is 2874 feet. 🙂

Now before you tell yourself you can’t do this, we’ve had first time triathletes do this on mountain bikes, so if they can pull it off, so can you! 😉  What are you waiting for, join the hundreds of others that sign up every year, and we’ll be sure to make sure you have a memorable experience!