Goal Journaling Continued…

As a follow up to the previous article, your journal will include many other things such as ideas, special events, and a personal diary of your life that you can leave as your book to your heirs. Goal setting is only one component (but may be the only component) of your journal.

I recommend the following journal review timeframes and process:

  1. Review your journal entries at the end of the month (for the month one time is sufficient). Look at every written section and goals (notice if they have changed) every month. Spend time to reflect and see what is actually going on in your life.
  2. Review your journal entries complete – everything, one time per quarter.
  3. End of the year review – spend time reviewing in detail all of the goals you wrote down for 365 days (yes, if you commit to doing this process for 30 days as I mentioned it will become automatic and part of your daily tasks – remember it should only take 10-15 minutes to write your goals).
  4. At the end of the journal, you will have a simple list called Daily Goal Achievement Actions. This is your scorecard.
  5. At the end of the journal, you will also have a page titled: Celebration. This is where you describe how you celebrated if it was a major goal and reflect on what it meant to you personally to achieve the goal. How did it change your life?

What type of journal do I recommend? Like anything else in life, I recommend what fits your budget and is the right size to keep with you during the day (in the car). One that is not too bulky and easy to take notes down about ideas and your life journey. It’s got to work for you and not be difficult to get to at any point in time. My personal journal preference can be purchased at www.chiefgoalsofficer.com/store

As I mentioned earlier, (as in my case and many other people’s situations that I have trained over the years on goal setting) goal setting and daily journaling will transform your life. The key is to be patient, but you will be amazed how “things” start to happen when you’re writing your ideas down – and most importantly your goals every day in your journal. I cannot overestimate the importance of doing it every day. Yes, I will be anal with you on this point – it’s a must to be done every day or you will just get in the habit of missing a day, then it will build to a point when it has been weeks since you wrote your goals.

My testing over the years of various methods of daily, weekly (not writing down but looking at) goal setting and posting them on my mirror in the bathroom, making resolutions, creating bucket lists, etc., has proven it will not work toward goal achievement unless you do it every day. I learned this to be true not only for myself, but also others I have helped. Put it on your calendar. I am sure you can find 10-15 minutes first thing in the morning and just like the Nike mantra suggests “Just Do It”!

By Wayne Kurtz

Wayne Kurtz is founder of RaceTwitch.com and Endurance Racing Report,  he has a lifelong passion for racing in various endurance sport races throughout the world. He is also the author of: ‘Beyond the Iron, a training guide for ultra-distance triathlons.’