Federal Escape Triathlon Cancellation Notice

Dear TriFreaks,

It is with a somewhat heavy heart that we regretfully have to inform you that due to a variety of extenuating circumstances we will be cancelling the Federal Escape Triathlon on August 3rd this year as well as any foreseeable future years.

As you can imagine putting on these events require a great deal of time and effort, including but not limited to the acquisition of permits, sponsors, equipment, road closures, police officers, swag,  staffing of volunteers and many other areas.  In addition Five Mile Lake is a very popular venue, and for years now there have been multiple events that have a very similar nature to the Federal Escape Triathlon.

The popularity of endurance sports, number of similar events at Five Mile Park, ever increasing policing and other restrictions put on by governing bodies, as well as costs charged by King County Parks have put us in a position where at the end of putting this event on there is little to no income for a lot of sweat and effort.  While we love putting these events on, just like everyone else, we do have personal bills to pay.

With having similar events at the same location and the overall logistics, we have chosen to focus on our other events and have made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel the Federal Escape Triathlon.  We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience we are causing you.  It is never an easy decision to make and we do not make these kinds of decisions lightly.

If you were already registered for the event, you are probably asking yourself, “Now what?  What about my registration fee?  What are our options?”  Well, we would like to have you at our events this year, and would like to offer you either a full rollover to our Kirkland triathlon or a credit toward any of our other races such as the Ocean Shores tri and foot fest coming up soon.   For the Kirkland Triathlon, even though the registration fee is higher, we would like to extend a 100% rollover.  For Ocean Shores, we would like to offer a 100% credit for what you paid to be applied to any race there.  If we do not have an event that you would be interested in participating in, please email us and we will refund you your registration.

You may be asking yourself if we will cancel any of our other events!  The answer is that for this year the only other cancellation is our Super Tri distance category at our Grand Columbian Triathlon.  For next year we will also very likely no longer produce the Grand Columbian Triathlon.  We will be making changes to the Grand Columbian Triathlon course this year in the hopes to make the race more manageable and easier to support by the local community, while maintaining the quality of race.  If we succeed, we will consider continuing to produce the event.  If not, it is very likely the Grand Columbian Triathlon will be no more after this year.  There are additional events that we are considering no longer putting on, however we will produce all of the remaining events on our calendar for this year.

Why cancel more events?  The reasoning behind removing events next year is to accomplish several things.  The first is to bring our races in closer to home.  That means the events that are further out are the ones that will be most likely cancelled.  Our Ocean Shores race is not included in this category, and we are excited now and will continue to be excited to put this event on.  The second reason is to bring fresh events into the area that have new and refreshing components to them that are not currently offered, or are offered less in this area.  We want all of you to have fun, and feel it is time for change!  Lastly, the third reason is to remove those events that are not growing.  We, like any business, profit or nonprofit, produce these events for financial reasons as well as to produce health and fitness.  At the end of the day to make our events better and to help us grow and produce fun, experiential, and quality events, they need to produce a profit so we can pay our costs, our staff and donate funds back to the charities we elect to work with.  If there are events that are not doing this, we have two options really.  The first is to try to put more effort in and see if the event will grow.  The second is to stop producing the event and try something new.  The first part is good for the first through third year.  After that if an event has not grown, we feel it is time to move on.  That is where the second option comes in.  We feel that we’ve focused on option one for far longer than three years, and it is time to do something new and refreshing for those areas where growth is stagnant.

What can you do to help us?  We need help in several areas!  One, please do your part in lobbying to the legislative powers in the area to stop increasing costs for putting on these events.  King County Parks requires any organization, profit or nonprofit, that holds any portion of their event on land they manage, to pay 20% Gross of all income for that event to them.  In addition they charge permit fees and other fees as well.  This leaves little to no room for any margin of profit or spending money to provide better experiences for participants!  We need your help to change this!  If you or anyone you know has contacts in legislature, please put a request in for reconsideration of this.  We refuse to keep increasing prices so that they can keep taking more and more and we and you can experience less and less.

Second, please let us know what kind of events you want us to produce.  This is not just limited to triathlons and plain runs.  We are considering events in the following areas for next year, and would like your feedback on these areas and any other events that you may want us to consider producing:  Fun Runs (Our Mighty Tighty Whitey run), Cross fit competition, Swim only events, Bike Only events, Draft legal triathlons, and also a new half and iron distance triathlon within 45 to 60 minutes of driving from Seattle.  Please help us help you!  Take the time to let us know what you like.  And please do so by providing as many details as possible, such venue location, type of race, time of year, distances, courses, etc…  We do this stuff for a living, but more often than not it is not the desire to put on other events that is lacking but the time to organize them.  So if you have suggestions, the more information you can provide, the more likely they are to happen.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused, and hope to see you for our summer events. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you for your time, and we appreciate your understanding with this difficult decision.

We wish you a wonderful season, hope to hear from you as well as see you at our events this year and our new events for next year!

Sincerely your TriFREAKS team,

Stefan Newbury | Race Director/Owner
Dana Barkdull | Event Coordinator

TriFreaks Inc.
Tel. #: 253.245.9240