Discipline + Hard Work

I put these two areas together, because discipline requires hard work. You cannot exclude one from the other. Setting and accomplishing your goals will be achieved by applying two consistent things every day: discipline and hard work. Discipline requires work to stick with it and hang in there. You may find your ability to stay disciplined one of the most challenging aspects of this process. Some people will use their lack of focus and other excuses to explain why they lack discipline. A favorite excuse came from a failed entrepreneur who once said; “My mountain bike kept calling to me from the corner. I just didn’t have the discipline to stay off the bike and focus on the work.”

I cannot offer shortcuts on how to consistently discipline yourself to stay “off the mountain bike” and stay focused on your goal. Anyone who also tells you how to take shortcuts is misinformed. You will find no halfway approaches to achieve your goals. You have to make not just the 100- but 150-percent commitment to honor your goal and avoid temptations and distractions. Let’s face it. We are surrounded on a daily basis by innumerable distractions – TV, computers, friends, family, work, etc.  Distractions are not a reason not to succeed. So please no reference to your distractions as excuses for failure. We all have them.

The first step to achieve your goal is to literally create a disciplined routine – and you can start small. You can initially allot 10-15 minutes per day to focus exclusively on your goal.  If you’re focused on becoming Chief Goals Officer, you must form habits that encompass the five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. The use of your five senses will organically entrench the experience deep within you to help create a mental picture of the goal. To do this, our process demands all of these five senses come into action, and it requires that discipline to stick with it for 30 days until it’s an unconscious daily habit. What is my method? I require you to focus each day for that initial 10-15 minutes to write (not type), say aloud, and reread your goals every day. By doing these simple steps – write, say and read – you transform intentions into habits, and these habits build toward your goal. So your discipline and routines to commit to building on the process will move you toward your goal every day in 30 days.

When you complete these basic tasks every day you take micro-steps toward your goal. Many people call these baby steps. So what does this look like in actuality? Here is an example of how you can go about building a beautiful, clear picture to achieve your goals by incorporating the five senses and rooting your new habits into your subconscious.

Daily Goal Achievement Actions (Every Day 10-15 minutes}:

  • Step 1: Write down your goal
  • Step 2: Say it aloud
Step 3: Read it
  • Step 4: Bring in the five senses

By Wayne Kurtz

Wayne Kurtz is founder of RaceTwitch.com and Endurance Racing Report,  he has a lifelong passion for racing in various endurance sport races throughout the world. He is also the author of: ‘Beyond the Iron, a training guide for ultra-distance triathlons.’