DiabloMan Triathlon Athlete Instructions

Dear Athletes,

To best prepare for your race please review the below information as well as visit the other tabs for this event to familiarize yourself with all the details.  The better prepared you are the better your race experience will be!

Packet Pickup Questions

1.  Am I required to pick up my packet the day before?

It is strongly recommended that you pick it up the day before the race, to avoid any issues on race day. This will also give you a chance to ask any last minute questions you may have that aren’t answered here

2.  Can I pick up a packet for my friend/family member?

No, unfortunately USAT guidelines stipulate that each registered racer must pick up the packet themselves. If they absolutely can’t make it, they are welcome to pick up the packet on race day.

3.  What do I need to bring to Packet Pickup?

You will need a valid ID card, your USAT membership card (which will exempt you from the fee) and for those of you who still need to pay the $12 USAT one-day registration fee, $12.

Swim Portion Questions-

1.  How long is the swim?

The swim length is 450 yards and will start at 7:00 am. Waves of 12 athletes will enter the pool and swim every 15 minutes. If athletes are not finished at 15 minutes they will be allowed to exit with full credit.  If all athletes are done with the swim before the 15 minutes are up then we will start the next wave early, so make sure you plan ahead and show up to the race at least an hour before your scheduled wave.

2.  Where is the swim located?

The Swim is in the Club Sport swimming pool.

3.  What if I get tired during the swim?

You may hold onto the side of the pool as long as you do not use it to move yourself forward.

4.  Is there a cutoff time for the swim?

Yes cutoff time for the swim is 15 minutes or 450 yards whichever comes first

Transition Questions

1.  Will there be an allotted transition time between the swim and bike portion?

Yes for both transitions you can change or make adjustments as needed however this does count on your overall time.

2.  Will I have some where to change out of my suit?

Yes there are restrooms nearby however it is not recommended to change your suit between the swim and bike.

3.  Where do I put my swim stuff/run stuff?

Swim stuff needs to be put with your bike in T-1 this area opens at 6:00am. Run stuff will be shuttled to T-2. Please make sure that all your bags are marked with your bib number(we recommend using a backpack of some sort for easy transport on the way down). You are welcome to bring something small (such as a balloon or sign) to make it easier to find your items after the bike. You will bike down to T-1 after you have finished your race to pick up your swim gear.

Bike Questions

1.  Where do I put my bike before the bike portion?

There will be a bike staging area in the parking lot of Club Sport.

2.  Can I use my mountain/cyclo-cross bike?

Yes, although it is recommended to use a road or tri bike.

3.  Do I need a helmet?

Yes, USAT rules and regulations require all athletes to wear a helmet during the bike portion of the race. Athletes without a helmet will not be permitted to continue.

4.  Will there be an aid station during the bike portion?

Yes there will be an aid station during the bike portion.

Run course questions

1.  What is the T2 transition situation?

When you go into T2 you will find your run stuff change and leave for your run. You will be responsible to pick up your personal belongings left at T1, family and friends CANNOT pick up your belongings only athletes are allowed in the transition areas

2.  Will there be an aid station on the run course?

Yes there will be one aid station as you come out of the transition area when starting on your run and one when you come off of Juniper Trail going onto Moses Rock Ridge.

3.  Which direction do I go to start the run?

When you head out of T2 you will go Left onto Summit road.

4.  Anything else I need to know about the run?

This run is on an open course, which means that you will be running with rollerbladers, dog-walkers, families and bikers. Please use common runners courtesy and let people you are passing know “On your left.”

Finish Line questions

1.  What do I do when I finish?

We will have a small expo for you to enjoy with multiple foods and food samples available for you and your family to eat.

2.  Can I have a family member pick up my bike?

No only athletes can pick up their bikes.

3.  When will I know my results?

Results can be found at www.webscorer.com and are updated instantly.

General Questions

1.  Are the shirts Men and Women’s sizes?


2.  What is the difference between a sprint distance tri, an Olympic tri, a half-iron and an ironman tri?

    • Sprint Distance: 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run
    • Olympic Distance: 1.5km Swim, 40 km bike, 10km run
    • Long Course (1/2 Iron Distance): 1.9km swim, 90 km bike, 21.1 km run
    • Ultra Distance (Iron Distance): 3.8km swim, 180 km bike, 42.2km run

3.  Can my family/friends watch me race?

Absolutely! We just ask that if you have young children, there will be someone to supervise them and ensure they aren’t in the path of an oncoming racer.

4.  Where are the bathrooms?

There are bathrooms located just outside of each transition area.

5.  Where should I park?

For T1 you must park outside of Club Sport. Parking in this parking lot is reserved for Club Members.  If you are a club member you can park in the parking lot.  You will bike down from T-2 to T-1 when you are finished with your event. Please see our web site for further instructions on parking and fees.

Lastly, have an amazing race!  Enjoy the journey, not just the finish!

Get your TriFREAK on,

Stefan Newbury
Certified USAT Race Director

“People die of fright and live of confidence.” ~ – Henry David Thoreau, Author, Philosopher