Are you a Lifetime Learner?

Do you have a profession that requires ongoing continuing education?   As technology, science and new discoveries change, the only way to keep up is to become a lifetime learner.   Personal development is another area that we might focus on after graduating high school or college.   Some examples might include taking a course on leadership, sales, professional speaking and/or networking.

Are you a lifetime learner related to your passion of endurance sports?   How many books did your read last year related to your sport?  There are so many new ideas that have evolved over the years related to equipment, nutrition, race weight, mental training, race recovery, etc.   Many have been discussed with various
publications and books and I hope you take full advantage by choosing a few and reading regularly.

Here are a few ideas to consider to increase your knowledge of your specific sport (of course it’s easy today – just type in your key words into Google and your off and running):

  1. Join a Linked In Group – specific to your sport and join in the conversation.
  2. Follow a blog of an author who provides ongoing ideas and discussions.  Check out Alltop for a list within your target keywords.
  3. Consider joining a forum – for example if you’re an ultrarunner the oldest is the Ultrarunning list.  Great conversations and updates on races from around the world.
  4. Read 5 new books this year related to areas that you need to improve – for example a book on Running for Speed (interval sample workouts), nutrition, of course “Born to Run”.
  5. Subscribe to a paper or online magazine with content related to your sport.  Check out Runners Illustrated as an example.
  6. Attend a training camp in a unique destination.
  7. Go to REI and listen in to one of many of the community programs they have throughout the year – they are excellent!
  8. Take a certified coaching course related to your sport even though you might not want to become a coach.  The content, relationships with other athletes will provide great benefits.    Check out Pose or Chi Running as an example for your running.
  9. Learn Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chai as alternative sports for functional and mental strength.
  10. Read a book or attend a course on Mental Training, yes my book might be helpful- “Beyond The Iron”

I highly recommend that you take action with the goal of continuing to learn new areas to expand your knowledge base within your sport.  Also, consider joining in the social media craze and target specific new relationships focussed in your passion areas. Personally after training and racing 26 years I continue to  learn and am passionate to look for new information and ideas.    Have fun learning and remember the journey is what matters most!

By Wayne Kurtz

Wayne Kurtz is founder of and Endurance Racing Report,  he has a lifelong passion for racing in various endurance sport races throughout the world. He is also the author of: ‘Beyond the Iron, a training guide for ultra-distance triathlons.’