10 Ideas to Help Your Winter Training

For most triathletes, the race season is officially over. Now is the time to plan out next years goals and figure out how to maintain your fitness through the cold and dark months. We have come up with 10 ideas to help you!
  1. Get a bike trainer. When a bike trainer entered our home I knew that triathlon was here to stay for my family. It sits in the garage with a bike attached all winter. There is a TV in front of it complete with a sound system and DVD player.
  2. A Gym Membership. Winter is the perfect time to build strength and work on those muscles. It is also nice to go to a place with like minded individuals and have treadmill competitions with the person next to you. The treadmill is boring until you know that you have to run faster and longer than the person next to you.
  3. An indoor swimming pool. Maybe in the south you can swim outside all year round, but not in the north. Make sure you hit the pool and work on your swimming technique.
  4. Try new training methods and nutrition. You don’t generally want to be trying new things when you are in the middle of race preparation. If you are new to triathlon that is what it is all about. But if you aren’t new to triathlon, winter is the perfect time to test out new types of interval training and supplement brands.
  5. Planning next year’s race season. There is nothing like signing up for your next race to get you motivated. Even if that race is 6 or 8 months away. Triathlon companies like TriFreaks are hard at work putting together dates for next year and now is a great time to be planning your race calendar. You can register for Ocean Shores Tri and Foot Fest right now if you know you are going to do it!  And keep an eye out for other TriFreaks event as well, as the dates and registration will be up for these soon.
  6. New winter running clothes. Tights, gloves, hat, breathable running jacket. Some people run year round outdoors. Pick up what you are missing and get outside and keep that fitness level up.
  7. Food and rest. Now is such a great time to fuel your body with normal food. Take a break from those gels and electrolyte solutions. Take days off from your training and let your body fully recover from your race season.
  8. Join a Triathlon Club. There are so many great triathlon coaches out there. Many of them do team sign ups in January. It is a great opportunity to get to know other triathletes, learn tips and tricks, and get access to team workouts.
  9. Find different but complimentary hobbies. Winter sports have their own allure. Stay in shape while doing what you love even if it is different. Skiing/snowboarding, winter hiking, snowshoeing. The list goes on. Your endurance level doesn’t have to decrease with the changing seasons.
  10. Drool over magazines and your race pictures eagerly waiting for the next time. Triathlon Magazine, Bicycling Magazine, Competitor, Runner’s World, etc. are all there to keep you anticipating the next race season. You can also reminisce over your previous race photos and race results dreaming of new PR’s, more flattering triathlon suits, and better bike fits.

We wish you a wonderful winter and hope to see you at a TriFreaks event in 2014.